Simmons Farms, established 1951, Chelan Washington

Simmons Farm

Located in Chelan, Washington, Simmons Farm is a third generation farm and orchard specializing in fresh produce and apples.

Quality Fruit, Heritage Grown

Simmons Farm is a third generation family owned orchard growing several varieties of apples, cherries, walnuts, wine grapes and a number of other crops. Established in 1951 we provide quality fruit and produce to the Chelan Valley and greater NW region.

Located just north of Chelan.
4257 Apple Acres Rd. Chelan, WA 98816

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Seasonal updates

  • Update Dec 30th 2023: Wishing everyone a happy new year. There is still a bit of snow on the ground at that farm and we are taking some time to reflect on 2023. We had a very large harvest this year and very limited time and resources, because of that some of our direct to consumer deliveries to western Washington suffered, we are hoping to solve for this in 2024 and we apologies to anyone that was unable to shop from us. If you have any questions about 2024 please don't hesitate to email or call. All the best!

  • Update Sept 20th 2023: Very busy at the moment, apologize for the limited updates. We've started harvest with Honey-crisps and are nearing Golden delicious harvest. We have not started picking Pink pearls but expect to soon. We hope to open site sales sometime in October, that said we are very over-stretched this year (I have a 1 week old kid at home currently), so we won't be offering Seattle area delivery. We will default to drop offs at the Edmonds PCC location. More updates to come as we have them.

  • Update July 12th 2023: Lots going on at the farm right now, we are through the spring hustle and into the summer, fruit is sizing up well and it's a big crop. We will be really limiting our deliveries around Seattle this year due to scheduling issues August-October. Stay tuned for updates on the site.

Crops for 2023 season (2024 TBD)


  • Bing Cherries (Sold for 2023)
  • Apricots (Sold for 2023)


  • Apples (Ordered by harvest time, earliest first)
    • Honey Crisp (Early Sept)
    • Gala (Early Sept)
    • Pink Pearl (Oct)
    • Golden Delicious (Oct)
    • Cripp (early Nov)
    • Mcintosh | Cider | Other Varieties
  • Syrah Grapes (Sold for 2023)
  • English Walnuts (Nov-Jan)
  • Hops (Sold for 2023)
Apple tree in bloom

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