Simmons Farms, established 1951, Chelan Washington

Simmons Farm

Located in Chelan, Washington, Simmons Farm is a third generation farm and orchard specializing in fresh produce and apples.

50 years of working the land

Simmons farm was started in 1951 when Al Simmons after returning from WWII bought a rock rich piece of property north of Chelan. Stuck in a narrow glacier carved valley, the land was hard to clear (often needing dynamite for large rocks), but the soil was a rich sandy loam that was great for growing apples. Al ran the farm with his wife Betty until their son Mike took over operation of the farm in the 90's and has since passed much of the farms operations to his three sons: Allan, Dillan, and Phillip. They continue to farm the land with three generations worth of knowledge going towards growing the worlds best apples.

Family photo
The crew planting the Green Lake Block, now our oldest trees. Pictured from left to right: Al Simmons, Betty Simmons, Debbie Banks, Mike Simmons, Deb Simmons